North Sea Beachcombing Log

I spent the final few days of 2014 over on the North Norfolk coast, walking the beach between Weybourne and Sheringham. Ever hopeful, I was able to collect the final pieces of rope and netting necessary to complete my biggest tapestry yet, to feature in Stranded, a solo exhibition that opens at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall on 2nd February 2015.

One can never be too prescriptive when walking along the strandline as those objects washing ashore are randomly jumbled by the tides. It is impossible to know what lies waiting for me, so I consistently try to arrive on the beach with no expectation, opening myself up to the serendipitous delivery of wonders from beyond the horizon.

Finding a particular object depends on a unique set of circumstances – the tides bringing that object ashore, it coming to rest in the area the beachcomber is walking and finally their ability to spot it. Often, with many once-familiar items, it is very easy to become distracted and miss the smallest, or most innocuous looking treasure. All of this process takes place within a small window of time, before the next high tide cleanses the beach and reclaims these future-relics once more. I feel lucky to have found the following objects – or did they find me?

Sunday 28th December 2014

Low tide – 5.12am (height 0 metres) High tide – 11.07am (height 5.1 metres)
Low tide – 5.25pm (height 0 metres) High tide – 11.14pm (height 5.3 metres)

Yet another toy soldier washes ashore

Yet another toy soldier washes ashore – why are there so many in the sea?

Monday 29th December 2014

Low tide – 6.11am (height 0 metres) High tide – 12.16pm (height 4.9 metres)
Low tide – 6.28pm (height 0 metres) High tide – 12.25am (height 5.1 metres)

Possibly the strangest beachcombing find of 2014

Possibly the strangest beachcombing find of 2014 – a dragon halloween scythe

A thank you from the sea

A thank you for cleaning the beach, direct from the sea

Tuesday 30th December 2014

High tide – 12.25am (height 5.1 metres) Low tide – 7.18pm (height 0 metres)
High tide – 1.27pm (height 4.8 metres) Low tide – 7.41pm (height 0 metres)

Where are all these toy soldiers coming from?

Beach invasion – where are all these toy soldiers coming from?



    1. I agree. I bet if we’d been beachcombing together, we’d have been drawn to different things. I think the items we pick up say as much about the person who finds and selects them, as the person who lost them.

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