The Easy Rider Mystery

The Easy Rider Mystery

The Easy Rider Mystery

Back in January 2014, beachcombing friend Dave Smethurst from Cornwall, UK kindly gave me a huge box of material that he had collected from Par beach, his local stretch of coastline.

Amongst the tangle of fishing nets, twine and trinkets, I spotted this tiny, red man on a motorbike. He was immediately added to ‘It’s Only a Game‘, a tapestry I was working on at the time where toys are the central  theme.

Earlier this month, I was exploring beachcombing finds on Instagram (a guilty pleasure of mine) and was amazed to find the same motorbike figure had washed ashore and been picked up, this time in green.

He is undoubtedly the same figure, but what is interesting is that my chap washed up in the UK, and the green one arrived via the Pacific, coming to rest on a Californian beach!

The Californian Easy Rider

The Californian Easy Rider

Beachcomber Aaron Hazlewood found this plastic motorbike and rider and seems to think that it is probably a small counter or component from a board game. It is probably from a product that was available in both the UK and USA, unless the small biker is indicative of a container spill, although this is unlikely as none of his buddies have turned up.

The point of this post is to see whether anyone out there recognises this small toy and could add any context to the find. If it stirs any memories in you, then do get in touch. I’d love to learn more about my British biker and his Californian cousin.

Aaron goes by the name 415plumber on Instagram and has a wonderful collection of beachcombing finds which he shares in a colourful photostream that is well worth a look. He also finds a large number of plastic toy soldiers – some are complete, but often he just finds their heads!

Yet again, the mysterious ocean presents us with a wondrous mystery to ponder…


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