The Wrecking Season

Have you seen The Wrecking Season?

Have you seen The Wrecking Season yet?

The Wrecking Season is my favourite film. If you have ever found yourself beachcombing and wondering about the origin of the items at your feet, you will really enjoy this delightful documentary.

It follows playwright Nick Darke over one winter, as he finds an array of items deposited on the Cornish coast. Nick comes from generations of beachcombers, and the film celebrates his fascination with the objects that wash ashore, and his mission to trace everything he finds along the shoreline. The film is made by Jane, his wife.

The synopsis of the film continues:

The north coast of Cornwall is one of the best collection points in the world for long-haul drift. When a southwest gale blows for three days, artefacts and natural objects from across the world – from Labrador down to the Amazon Basin – wash up on these shores.

Over many years, he [Nick] has built up a unique picture of coastal communities around the Atlantic, making friends with fishermen, scientists, oceanographers and fellow beachcombers along the way.

You can get hold of your own copy by visiting Make sure you do, as it captures the very essence of beachcombing. You won’t regret it, I assure you!


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