Flotsam from Maryland, USA

Flotsam treasures from Maryland, USA

Flotsam treasures from Maryland, USA

I was thrilled to receive a package in the post last week from the USA. Any customs officers opening the parcel would have been confused by the contents, a collection of material from the Atlantic coast in Maryland, USA!

So why did a package from the New World arrive on a doormat in Harrold, Bedfordshire?

I’ve been sharing pictures of my flotsam finds and weavings on Instagram, the photo sharing community and soon connected with Lisa, a kindred spirit and fellow beachcomber living in Maryland. She spends time walking on her local piece of the Atlantic Coast picking up rubbish and interesting treasures.

After seeing the weaving I’d been doing, she very kindly offered to send me some materials she had collected for me to incorporate into my work.

I’m very excited to begin a weaving which will incorporate these American finds. The package includes plastics, balloon debris, straws and some many common items I’ve found on the UK coast too, demonstrating this is a global problem.

Lisa – thank you! x


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