Scouring the Cornish and Norfolk coastlines for flotsam, Jo Atherton collects fishing line, netting and other unexpected items for her colourful tapestries. These orphaned objects, curated by the waves, are transformed into exciting, vibrant weavings, to be pondered and read anew.

Plenty More Fish in the Sea (2014) Jo Atherton

Plenty More Fish in the Sea (2014) Jo Atherton

Looking at her flotsam weavings, we can’t help but imagine every object’s untold story – who owned them and how did they arrive on a UK beach?

Jo explains. ‘I have always been drawn to the beach as a convergence zone, oscillating between the states of land and sea with each changing tide. ‘In-between’ travelling spaces are an integral theme in my work. Journeys begin and end here in this liminal space, where the tide delivers extraordinary objects from beyond the horizon.’

The sea, a soup of forgotten fragments, presents the unexpected and ignored; through weaving these items together, Jo provides a second chance for the forgotten fragments to be reinvented and woven into new narratives.


Back at the start of June, I took part in Creative Bedfordshire’s Pecha Kucha night. PechaKucha Nights are informal and fun gatherings where creative people get together and share their ideas in the PechaKucha 20×20 format. PechaKucha 20×20 is a simple presentation format where people show 20 images, each for 20 seconds.

In July 2014, I was thrilled to hear that my presentation was selected to be the global presentation of the day and was promoted across the Pecha Kucha international network. View my talk now to find out about the themes behind my work, my inspirations and what random objects of flotsam reveal about our generation.

Flotsam Weaving - Bedford Pecha Kucha Night

Flotsam Weaving – Bedford Pecha Kucha Night

One thought on “Home

  1. I absolutely love the colurs in these jo. They remind my of those bowerbird nests that males buil to attract a mate!

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